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Eat fruits and veggies raw to improve your mental health

Nowadays, more and more people are talking about mental health and it’s more accepted than ever before, because of that it’s being studied more now and new research shows eating more fruit and vegetables could ease symptoms of depression and other mental illness, but it’s got to be raw. Researchers have found raw fruits and […]

Let’s Get Dirty! 4/20/18

As promised, Ariana Grande just dropped her new single “No Tears Left To Cry,” along with the song’s video. The emotional song has her singing, "Ain't got no tears left to cry," in the chorus before adding, "So I'm loving, I'm living, I'm picking it up." As for the video, it starts with Ari literally [...]

What Fights Should You Have Before You Get Married?

It’s a fact: even happy couples fight. There’s just no way around it. If you really love each other, you’ll take your frustrations out in an argument from time to time – but before you fret, consider that these arguments can actually help the relationship succeed. Here are the discussions (or even fights) you should […]

Food Made Of Bugs? That’s Our Future.

The food of the future is here! But instead of it being like what we saw on The Jetsons or Willy Wonka, new foods in development today focus on using natural ingredients and sustainable production. Here’s what we could be eating sooner rather than later: Healthy snacks from the sea – It turns out jerky […]