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Even KFC is celebrating the Royal Wedding!! [watch]

The Royal Wedding Bucket is described as “lavish and regal” and features a “bespoke crest with a modern KFC twist.” The design has fancy gold flourishes and both American and British flags. Unfortunately, you’ll have to be at KFC’s Windsor branch on the couple’s wedding day to get one of the 50 fancy chicken buckets. […]

Hotel Offers Lullaby Playlist With Everyday Household Noises

While some people need absolute quiet in order to get a good night’s sleep, there are plenty of people who just can’t doze off without some sort of noise. For those folks, sleeping in a hotel can be an issue, since the everyday household noises you’re used to hearing aren’t there, but one hotel chain […]

Let’s Get Dirty! 5/15/18

Liam Payne stopped by BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge to promote his new single, “Familiar,” and, as is customary, treated the audience to a cover of someone else’s song. Liam decided to tackle Zedd and Maren Morris’ hit “The Middle,” performing a stripped down version of the track. Check it out below. ----- Meghan [...]

Gas Prices keep rising, Americans look at other options [watch]

A new poll finds that 20% of Americans say they will likely go electric with their next car, which amounts to about 50 million people. That number is up from 15% last year, likely do to increased driving ranges and advanced safety features in such vehicles. Overall, range is still one of the most important […]

Women Are Putting Crystals In Their Bras For A Performance Boost!

As if bras weren’t uncomfortable and annoying enough as is, there are a bunch of people making it just a bit worse by putting healing crystals all up in there. It occurs mostly with sports bras, and the idea is that the crystals will improve the performance of the people that have them between their […]