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Nearly a million people want to see Spongebob in the Super Bowl

Maroon 5 is reportedly headlining Super Bowl LIII’s halftime show in February, but “maybe the petition will inspire Adam Levine to belt out a few lines of the song in Hillenburg’s honor,” says one report. “At least 50,000 people out there know it’s the right thing to do.” Spongebob creator Stephen Hillenburg died in November […]

Ugly Christmas Sweater Shoes?!

People love ugly holiday sweaters and even have parties with that theme, but if you really want to step up your tacky, festive ensemble, you have to consider your footwear. And now you can get sneakers to complete the look with these Christmas sweater-inspired walking shoes from Brooks running. The shoes are comfortable, and feel […]

Let’s Get Dirty! 12/6/18

Justin Timberlake continues to struggle with his voice. The singer was forced to postpone the rest of this month's "Man of The Woods" tour shows, with the singer posting on Instagram that his doctors "have asked me to hold off singing until next month." J.T. did let fans know that his cords "are healing," but [...]

Burger King’s Whoppers are only a penny!!

Burger King’s new ‘Whopper Detour’ ad campaign is being called “clever” and “irreverent” because of its unusual premise. It requires customers to go to McDonald’s—if not inside one, at least within 600 feet of one. At that point, they open the Burger King app, which reroutes them to the nearest BK to get a Whopper […]

Buy Your Boozy Pie Here!

Let’s save some time this holiday season. Instead of sipping on bubbly in between bites of pie, let’s just put the bubbly IN our pies. Ruffino Wines has teamed up with Little Pie Company in NYC to bring us a limited edition Salted Caramel Prosecco Pie. It’s apple-y, sugary, salted caramel goodness made with real […]