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Big Changes Happening To Hershey’s Chocolate…

Big changes are coming to Hershey’s chocolate bars this summer. For the first time in their 125-year history, those chocolate squares are getting a new look. This summer, instead of the logo in the center of each square, Hershey’s is featuring some of the most popular emojis carved into the chocolate. This summer, you’ll be […]

Let’s Get Dirty! 5/15/19

It’s been a week since the “Game Of Thrones” coffee cup incident. On Sunday, the HBO series aired the penultimate episode of the eighth and final season… and fans are calling out yet another editing mistake. If you’re still haven’t even seen the third season of the show, this is your warning: SPOILER ALERT. Well, [...]

Save Money this summer, or at least spend it on more important things

For lots of us…no matter how much money we’re making, it never seems like it’s enough. Fortunately, there are basic things you can do to save ourvselves some green and make things a little less tight. Car Payments – If you need a car and can’t pay for it outright, there’s obviously no way around […]

Get $40 an Hour to Drink Beer!

Last week Natural Light said they’re hunting for summer interns who are up for the task of getting paid to drink (cheap) beer. For $40 an hour, interns will be expected to perform a number of alcohol-filled activities like help run the brewery’s social media accounts, attend sporting events and act as a brand ambassador. […]