Adopt a POP Pet!

So you’re looking for a fur-child to give a forever home, you’re in the right place!

Each Thursday animals from the Clearfield County SPCA will either come to the POP studios to play live on-air or POP djs will go there to play with the animals in their turf, either way, the main goal is the showcase the animals that are available for adoption!

Each week, new animals will be added to this page, once they’re adopted they will be removed because they found their humans. If you see an animal that you’re interested in, all you have to do is either visit the Clearfield SPCA or call them at (814)-765-2220 and tell them you’re interested in adopting a POP pet and they’ll know exactly which animals you’re talking about!

All animals need a loving, caring home, and we’re making it easier to give them that because you’ll Adopt a POP Pet!

This white/strawberry blond boy is Gatsby! THE Great Gatsby! Depending the time of day he will gladly cuddle with you, but don’t let his sad eyes fool you, he has a playful say too! He likes to play with his toys, roll in cat nip and sipping on high-quality water… and yes he knows the difference.

Gatsby has been in the care of the Clearfield SPCA since April 2018.

This white/gray mix girl is Strawberry! She is the last kitten in the berry litter so she needs a new home fast! Strawberry is a stereotypical kitten who CANNOT stay still, she likes to jump, run and is curious about everything like paper, keys and she has a passionate love for pens. When she does sit still, she is a very sweet girl that just wants to entertain you and love you.

Strawberry has been the in care of the Clearfield SPCA since May 2018.