All 29 Oreo Flavors – RANKED!

All 29 Oreo Flavors – RANKED!

All 29 Oreo Flavors – RANKED!

Wow! Can you believe there are 29 different flavors of Oreos?!  And no, I don’t mean… throughout time… I mean RIGHT NOW! ON STORE SHELVES!

oreoI know I’m an old-schooler,  but what happened to the good ol’ days of REGULAR or DOUBLE STUFFED?!

Thrillest has ranked all 29 flavors from best to worst.  See the full list and rankings here:

Here’s the best and worst from their list.


1.  Chocolate Cream Oreo Thins.


2.  Mega Stuf with golden cookies.


3.  Mega Stuf with regular chocolate cookies.


4.  Mystery Oreos, which are really Fruity Pebbles.


5.  Chocolate Cream.  


1.  Cinnamon Bun.


2.  Oreo Minis.


3.  Red Velvet.


4.  Golden Birthday Cake.


5.  Peanut Butter.

By the way, in case you wondering, ORIGINAL came in at number 16 on the list.

Here’s a different ranking, with honestly, very different results… proving that taste really is subjective.

Oreos aren’t the only foods with crazy flavors! Check this out!

So what’s your favorite Oreo flavor? Comment below!


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