An Advent Calendar… But With Your Face!

An Advent Calendar… But With Your Face!

These days you can get advent calendars filled with everything from candy to Legos to wine, depending on what you’re into. Sure, you could pick up one of those on your next Target run or order one on Amazon anytime day or night, but how personal is that? If you’re trying to decide which advent calendar to buy for your bestie, your mom, or your sweetie, why not get them one filled with pictures of you?

The Cewe Photoworld Personalized Photo Advent Calendar lets you customize your creation by uploading any photos to appear behind each of the 24 doors on the advent calendar. You could use images from throughout this past year or remember special occasions from the past, and make a special gift for someone who can’t get enough of seeing your lovely face.

Sure, a Reese’s cup advent calendar gives you chocolate and peanut butter candy every day in December, but it doesn’t have pictures of you. And if you really want the chocolate, Cewe even makes an advent calendar that uses a photo of you on the front and has a piece of chocolate behind the 24 compartments.

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