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Gift Guide for 90’s Kids

If you have someone in your family who still lives like they are in the 90s, there are some perfect holiday gifts out there they are bound to love. Gifts include a “Rugrats” Monopoly game; “Hocus Pocus” Saint Prayer Candles; a Super Nintendo Classic; a “That’s So 90s” trivia game and more. Click here for […]

Let’s get Dirty! 12/11/18

Katy Perry is set to release a new song tomorrow, but you may have to be a gamer to hear it. The singer will be joining the playable lineup for the game “Final Fantasy Brave Exvius,” where she will debut the new tune “Immortal Flame.” Katy shared a preview of the track in a teaser, [...]

Smirnoff is Upgrading Middle Seats on Flights!

No one likes getting stuck in the middle seat on a flight, but some have stronger feelings about it than others. According to Smirnoff, “56% of Americans would rather get stuck in traffic or go on a blind date than sit in the middle seat” on a plane. So that’s why the vodka company is […]

Let’s Get Dirty! 12/10/18

It’s finally here – Marvel has dropped the highly anticipated first official trailer for “Avengers 4.” That means they’ve also revealed the title: “Avengers: Endgame.” The clip shows the surviving heroes of the battle with Thanos picking up the pieces after losing their friends. “Thanos did exactly what he said he was going to do, [...]
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