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Dream Job Op: Make $100 an hour petting puppies

A Texas restaurant and dog park is seeking a “Puptern” puppy-petting expert to make $100 an hour cuddling with adorable canines. Mutts Canine Cantina announced that it is opening its second location in Fort Worth and is seeking a “MUTTS Puptern” with superior “puppy petting skills.” The pay is listed as $100 an hour. View […]

The Perfect Gift For Wine Lovers!

If you enjoy a glass of wine or two, you’ve probably experienced the awful headache you can get the next day after too much, but there’s a device on the market that claims to be able to prevent a wine hangover. It’s called The Wand by PureWine and it’s supposed to help alleviate the side […]

Let’s Get Dirty! 11/7/18

Ariana Grande has it going on. Just after Apple Music revealed that Ariana's new single, "thank u, next" is the first pop song to reach number one on its Top 100 Global Chart as well on the Top 100 U.S. Chart, Billboard named her their Woman of the Year. She will be on hand to [...]

This 106 Just Had The Best Surprise Party

Taco Bell threw there 106 year old Myrtis Jewel Painter a surprise birthday party over the weekend. When asking her how it feels to be 106 she replies, "I don't walk as good," while enjoying an enchilada. Mrtyis is awesome! She's been enjoying Taco Bell regularly since she turned 98. Could it be the secret [...]

The Great Camping Trip of 2018

We’ve been talking about this trip for weeks, and the time has finally come and gone, ANDDD The Great Camping Trip of 2018 was a success! The car was packed, cooler packed, everything we needed (but Lillian’s lightweight jacket – which I forgot) packed. We we’re ready. We arrive to the campground when the sun is […]