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Let’s Get Dirty! 6/8/18

If it wasn’t official before, it’s certainly official now. Reese Witherspoon has confirmed the making of “Legally Blonde 3” with a video on The ‘Gram. The third installment of the Elle Woods’ saga is scheduled to hit theaters on Valentine’s Day 2020. ----- President Barack Obama and his wife, Michelle, signed a deal with [...]

IHOP is changing to IHOb??? What’s the ‘b’ stand for? [watch]

The secrecy isn’t stopping Twitter from taking its guesses, and many assume the missing must be “breakfast.” Among other speculation: “bacon,” “Beyonce,” “butternut squash,” and, for parents who treat their kids to “breakfast for dinner” at the restaurant but may sometimes long for an adult cocktail, “booze.” The @IHOb handle has already been scooped up […]

Things To Stop Doing Before You Turn 40.

We all pick up bad habits, but what you could handle in your 20s, like staying out too late drinking too much and eating too many ramen noodles, catches up to you as you approach 40. So if you’re nearing the big 4-0, here are some of the unhealthy habits you should ditch before your […]

Let’s Get Dirty! 6/7/18

It seems like season two of “13 Reasons Why” was just released, but Netflix has already announced season three is in the works. The streaming service has dropped a teaser video for the third season giving fans a taste of what to expect. The video shows a locker opening up using the combination 20-1-9 and [...]

Did You know you can request shows and movies for Netflix??

I don’t know how many people actually knew this, but from what I can tell it’s not a lot, and I for sure didn’t know either. So a guy tweeted at Netflix asking for a specific show, they responded “You know the Drill,” and a celebrity responded back “LITERALLY NO ONE KNOWS THAT DRILL.” (TheWrap) […]

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