Ben & Jerry’s Finally Rolled Out Their Pint Lock!

Ben & Jerry’s Finally Rolled Out Their Pint Lock!

Pints of ice cream are totally big enough that we could share, but are we going to? Absolutely not. But when you’re living in a house with your partner, roommates or kids, it can be hard to keep their dirty nasty paws off your favorite treat…no matter how many notes you leave around the kitchen. That’s why Ben & Jerry’s has just rolled out a pint lock.

It’s a device that keeps your pint on house arrest until you put in the code to unlock it yourself. It’s a little black ring that fits snugly over the lid of your pint keeping freezer thieves from getting their hands on your ice cream. Is it passive aggressive? Yes. Is it necessary? Absolutely. You can buy one for just ten bucks at the Ben & Jerry’s online merch store. Your precious ice cream will be safe forever after just three to five business days.

Buy your lock here!


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