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Check Out This New “Ghosted” Costume for Halloween

Party City is selling a new “Ghosted” Halloween costume this year, but it’s not of the spooky undead variety. The party store chain’s new costume is actually in reference to the term ghosted, which describes when someone you know or are dating suddenly cuts off all communication and vanishes without giving a reason why. It’s […]

The Richest State In The US Is….

It’s no secret that in some states folks are more well off than others. The median household income has gone up $1,500 in the last few years, and unemployment dropped. But even with all that good news there are still some people in certain states that are really struggling. The U.S. Census Bureau looked at […]

Let’s Get Dirty! 10/16/18

If you’ve been eagerly awaiting Margot Robbie’s next gig as Harley Quinn ever since “Suicide Squad” came out a few years ago, here’s some news for you. The upcoming Harley Quinn flick “Bird Of Prey” has been given a release date of February 7th, 2020. Cathy Yan is directing the film that will see Robbie [...]

Ariana and Pete Davidson Split, Someone Started a GoFundMe for it

They flaunted their love on social media, dedicating gushy posts to each other on a regular basis. Their romance escalated even more after they purchased a $16 million apartment. “I feel like I won a contest,” Davidson told Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon. “You ever see that Derek Jeter commercial, and he’s retiring and everyone […]

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