Check Out This New “Ghosted” Costume for Halloween

Check Out This New “Ghosted” Costume for Halloween

Party City is selling a new “Ghosted” Halloween costume this year, but it’s not of the spooky undead variety.

The party store chain’s new costume is actually in reference to the term ghosted, which describes when someone you know or are dating suddenly cuts off all communication and vanishes without giving a reason why.

ghosted costume

It’s a term that has grown in popularity and prevalence in this world of fast online dating, and Party City has come up with a way capitalize on that.

The women’s costume, which sells for $24.99, is a hooded white dress that’s designed to look like a ghost, with a series of unanswered text messages appearing on the front.

The costume’s description says, “If someone’s blowing up your phone, ghost them in a Ghosted Costume for women.”

Image Courtesy of Party City.


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