Do These Things NOW So Your Thanksgiving Is Less Stressful

Do These Things NOW So Your Thanksgiving Is Less Stressful

Ready or not, Thanksgiving is almost here and while there’s nothing you can do now to stop your uncle from bringing up politics at the dinner table, you can tackle a few kitchen tasks early to get ready for the holiday. None of these jobs take too long, but getting them crossed off your to-do list now will make your holiday cooking go easier later.

  • Run self-clean on your oven – If your oven smells a little when you first turn it on, it’s probably old food in the bottom and the self-clean cycle can help. It typically takes a few hours and you should probably be home while it’s running, since the appliance basically becomes a self-contained inferno.
  • Get your knives sharpened – Did you know dull knives are easier to cut yourself with? So head into Thanksgiving prep with freshly sharpened knives and keep everyone safer.
  • Wipe down the dishes you use only once a year – You probably haven’t seen your gravy boat since last Christmas, and chances are the same goes for your big roasting rack, the meat carving tools, and pie plates. So instead of waiting until the night before Thanksgiving to get them out and clean, get out all the once-a-year dishes and start scrubbing now.
  • Clean out your fridge and freezer – Ditching expired or unidentifiable food now will make cleaning up so much easier or you can save your fun to celebrate National Clean Out Your Fridge Day on November 15th.

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