Eminem finally responds to MGK with “Killshot” [listen]

Eminem finally responds to MGK with “Killshot” [listen]

Okay to start off, if you’re not a rap/Eminem fan, go ahead and click back, because sadly, this is not the page for you, and most of these linked videos are explicit, but that’s hip hop culture. Now we could put up video after video, tweet after tweet, explaining everything that’s gone down between these two, which really wasn’t that much until Em dropped Kamikaze. But it blew up since then.

Eminem called out Machine Gun Kelly on the album for calling his daughter hot in a tweet back in 2012. He also called out Kells, for subliminally dissing Em in 2015 on a Tech N9ne song (listen here). MGK was just one of the victims of Kamikaze, but he was the only one who stood up and took on the challenge. His comeback was Rap Devil (once again NSFW).

There’s debate whether it was good or not, but if you know Em well enough (watch this if you need it broken down for you), you know this was a good diss, and it threw a little fire in the world of Hip Hop. It took Eminem over a week to respond in an interview session (watch here), but today he finally gave us what we wanted, and responded lyrically, with his own straight up diss “Killshot.” (NSFW)

From here, do we go anywhere? Is the beef squashed? Was a winner crowned? Yeah and the public will, without a doubt, let us know who won in their eyes. But MGK knew what he was up to, he made a name for himself in front of 70 million+ people, and he had to get a least a few new fans out of it. But who would’ve thought it was these two to bring spark back to hip hop?


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