Flushable Pregnancy Tests Now Available!

Flushable Pregnancy Tests Now Available!

Pregnancy tests haven’t changed much. Sure, they have digital readings on them to say “pregnant” so you don’t have to decipher the plus sign or minus sign, but other than that they’ve been the same for decades.

The main complaint with tests is once you’re done, you have the evidence, some women take a pregnancy test with their partner nearby, but plenty of other women take the test in private and don’t want people to know immediately. But now there is a flushable pregnancy test called Lia that’s changing the game.

Lia is FDA approved and like other home pregnancy tests, it’s 99% accurate. You use it the same way, you pee on it and wait for the results. Once you’re done, you can flush the test in the toilet, so no more wrapping it in toilet paper to try to hide it from anyone else who uses that bathroom or stuffing it in your bag.

These flushable tests provide more privacy and they’re better for the environment. The tests are fully biodegradable, so there’s less waste. And if it makes women’s lives a little easier, we’re all for it.

I love this, I’ve only taken one pregnancy test in my entire life and thankfully my partner was supportive and I felt comfortable just throwing it away, but I have had plenty of friends who had to sneak it out of the bathroom of stuff it in their purse because they didn’t want people to know. Having flushable pregnancy tests eliminates that problem, AND it’s better for the environment, which is a bonus! Women and the environment have to put up with a lot, so it’s always a good thing when we can help them both out!


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