Get Your Cat To High-Five And Help Your Local Shelter!

Get Your Cat To High-Five And Help Your Local Shelter!

April 19th is National High-Five Day and if you can teach your cat to high five by then, you could win free stuff for your favorite animal shelter or rescue. Cat Pawsitive, a life-saving program that uses positive reinforcement to train cats to be more sociable, is asking cat owners and shelter volunteers to upload photos and videos of feline high fives.

Not sure how to teach a cat to give high fives? No worries, Cat Pawsitive has free downloadable instructions. The winner of the first annual National High-Five Day Shelter Contest will get a $5,000 grant for their favorite shelter or rescue organization, plus 10,000 bowls of pet food!

To enter, simply post a photo or video to Facebook or Instagram of your cat or cats showing off their high-five skills and tag the post with #CatPawsitive, @JacksonGalaxyProject, and @HaloPets. May the best cat win.

I love this, I love anything that has to do with helping animals. You may be surprised to know how often I consider quitting my job to join animal conservation groups (if my bosses are reading this…uh hi). If I had a cat I would totally try to do this so my local shelter can get some much needed help, and if you can’t train your cat in time, you can always help by donating things they need or your time.


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