Hotel Offers Lullaby Playlist With Everyday Household Noises

Hotel Offers Lullaby Playlist With Everyday Household Noises

While some people need absolute quiet in order to get a good night’s sleep, there are plenty of people who just can’t doze off without some sort of noise. For those folks, sleeping in a hotel can be an issue, since the everyday household noises you’re used to hearing aren’t there, but one hotel chain in the UK may have come up with a solution to that problem.

easyHotel locations in Scotland, and England, have just introduced a new free lullaby playlist for their guests, which includes not only soothing sounds like rainfall and waves, but everyday household noises like light vacuuming, cats purring, wall clock, the sound of a shower in action and even light traffic, without horns of course.

The list of sounds was compiled based on a survey of guests’ preferences, and will be available via the Spotify app.

I like the quiet when it comes to me going to sleep, I can handle slight noise, like a fan or even my boyfriend watch something as long as it’s not blaring, but I’m definitely not someone who NEEDS noise to fall asleep, that sounds like a terrible life to me. With that said, I think it’s cool a hotel is that considerate to their guests and maybe this will become the new norm for hotels in the US.


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