IHOP…Uh Think Again…It’s IHOb

IHOP…Uh Think Again…It’s IHOb

You may have heard that IHOP was changing their name and now we know why. What was formerly IHOP has flipped the P to a B and now the breakfast chain is going by IHOb.

The place we all used to know as the International House of Pancakes let us know last week they were making the change from “P” to “b” and asked people to guess what the “b” would stand for. Lots of us thought breakfast was an obvious choice, along with bacon, or even bananas. But few got it right, because it turns out, the b stands for burgers. That’s right, IHOP is now the International House of Burgers, in honor of their new Angus Beef Steak burgers, at least for now.

Say what you want about the change, but they’re marketing department is probably celebrating because this is all anyone is talking about right now. So well done IHOP… er IHOb. But I LOVE looking at Twitter when stuff like this happens… here are a few of my favorite tweets about the change, the first coming from the queen of Twitter:


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