Most Millennials Want To Move To… Seattle?

Most Millennials Want To Move To… Seattle?

Millennials love to move. And why not? We’re in our 20s and have very little tying us down to any one area of the US – or even the whole world. It’s super tempting to just pick up and move somewhere new when you’re in your 20s. And as it turns out, Seattle is at the top of the list for places that millennials are choosing to move to.

Seattle has picked up 7,302 millennials in 2016 which is more than any US city. It could have something to do with the draw to the Pacific Northwest – not to mention attractions like the Space Needle and tons of Starbucks to choose from!

The biggest draw, though? The killer views. If you can get to Seattle, you’ll live in the shadow of Mount Ranier and enjoy life on the water of Puget Sound. They’re super progressive there and they’ve got a killer nightlife scene, not to mention, wild orcas swim off the coast there.

Funny story, I’ve always wanted to live in Seattle, even when I was a tween I wanted to live in that part of the US. I never really knew why, I think mostly because of the weather, the culture out there, the wild orcas (my favorite animal) and every time I saw Seattle in movies or shows (Sleepless in Seattle/Greys Anatomy) I always thought it was beautiful. I went to Seattle for the first time for about 2 weeks in the summer of ‘16 for a radio thing, and that only fed the beast.


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