Prom Is Expensive. Here’s How To Help and Get Help.

Prom Is Expensive. Here’s How To Help and Get Help.

Girls Inc. of New York City, a nonprofit that works to empower, educate, and mentor young women, is partnering with Karl Lagerfeld, the creative director from fashion houses like Chanel and Fendi, to provide dresses to underprivileged girls to wear on prom night.

For every dress sold on this month, the designer will donate another one of his dresses – which typically cost between $80 and $200 – to a girl in need.

Here are some other places to find prom dresses at no cost, or to donate your prom dress to help a teen in need:

Prom is an important right of passage for teenagers, but when you add up the cost of the dress, hair and nail appointments, transportation, and tickets to the dance itself, it gets so expensive some teens can’t afford to go at all. According to a survey by Yahoo Style, teens are spending a little more than $600 to attend prom. And getting a dress for free could make prom dreams come true for girls who can’t afford to buy one. And while I think it’s totally cool Karl Lagerfeld giving away prom dresses, he’s
still a jerk for trashing the #MeToo movement.


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