Will Pope Francis go vegan for $1 million [watch]

Will Pope Francis go vegan for $1 million [watch]

Million Dollar Vegan, a nonprofit campaign dedicated to fighting “climate change with diet change,” is calling on Pope Francis to give up animal products for the Catholic period of Lent — which begins March 6th and lasts six weeks until Easter.

The campaign, which is backed by celebrities including Paul McCartney, Woody Harrelson, Moby and Mena Suvari, is offering some serious incentive for the pontiff to consider their request: $1 million donated to the charity, or charities, of his choice. Million Dollar Vegan says the money would be donated by the Blue Horizon International Foundation, a US-based nonprofit with the goal of helping to further “the removal of animals from the global food chain.” The Vatican has not yet said what Francis will give up for Lent — or if he’s considering the vegan offer.


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