Women Are Putting Crystals In Their Bras For A Performance Boost!

Women Are Putting Crystals In Their Bras For A Performance Boost!

As if bras weren’t uncomfortable and annoying enough as is, there are a bunch of people making it just a bit worse by putting healing crystals all up in there. It occurs mostly with sports bras, and the idea is that the crystals will improve the performance of the people that have them between their boobs.

There are a bunch of sports bras from Shape that COME with the crystal already in the bra. The stone is called raw green kyanite, and if all goes well, you’ll come out of your workout unscathed by the rock and feeling even better than you would have pre-crystal-boobs.

Here’s the deal with crystals, though – if you THINK you’re going to perform better with the crystal on you, you probably will. It’s a placebo effect. So instead of dropping $70 on crystals for your bras, maybe spend half of that on a new workout apparel, since that’s also been proven to help your performance in the gym.

Look, I’m not currently on a workout plan (totally starting Monday), and I’m pretty confident putting crystals in my bra won’t work on me. And like it said above, why spend $70 on crystals when you can go to TJ-Maxx and get a totally new workout outfit for half that price? Or get new headphones, update your playlist, new shoes or anything else that will motivate you to get moving that you can use for years after you buy it. I’ll focus more on getting my act together and actually getting to the gym before I start dabbling in boob stones.


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