Women Experience More Rudeness In The Office From Other Women.

Women Experience More Rudeness In The Office From Other Women.

Judging by all the stories that came out from the #MeToo movement, it’s safe to say women aren’t always treated nicely, or fairly, in the office. But not all that bad behavior they are experiencing is coming from men.

Women in the workforce actually deal with more uncivil and rude behavior from other women than they do from men. Yes, it’s true men are mostly responsible for the sexual harassment women experience, but when it comes to overall rudeness, women are more to blame.

Women-to-women bad behavior can be the result of females who are more assertive and opinionated on the job, which is usually not the norm, getting unfriendly treatment from other women.

Geez I could get on a soapbox for days about this. WHY are women like this?! We all know the crap we have to deal with every single day, so why make it worse for us by adding to it? It’s okay to be competitive (to a degree), and it’s okay to be confident, but it’s never okay to bring someone else down or be rude to them so much so that they are miserable when they come into work. One of my favorite quotes is by Zen Shin, “a flower does not think of competing to the flower next to it. It just blooms.”


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