You’re Exhausted… Here’s Why.

You’re Exhausted… Here’s Why.

Have you ever woken up in the morning and felt tired, anxious, and groggy? Sure, we all have. But do you feel that way almost every morning or even after getting your full eight hours? There are things you could be doing before bed that could be messing with your sleep. Here’s what to avoid:

  • Resolving conflicts at night – If you’re dealing with a high-stress situation before bed, you won’t get good sleep.
  • Working out before bed – Pumping up your heart rate before bed will make it harder to wind down.
  • Smoking cigarettes – Amongst other health detriments, smoking can give you the buzz you don’t need just before bed.
  • Relying on a glass of wine – You’ll fall asleep faster, but you won’t actually get good quality sleep.
  • Checking Facebook/Instagram/Twitter – Looking at your screen before bed can really mess with your brain’s sensitivity to light.
  • Eating late night snacks – Eating gets your body ready to use some serious energy. Lay off the late night omelets.

I am guilty of probably half of this list. First of all, you really can’t stop me from eating my late night snacks. That’s the best time to snack! When you’re curled up in bed, winding down, and all you want is a bowl of popcorn so you can watch “The Handmaid’s Tale” in peace. It’s a lifestyle. I can’t just change these things!


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