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Want to drink beer and watch football for free? Check out this Job Op

A Los Angeles brewery posted a job opening for someone seeking to “get paid to watch football” at Los Angeles Rams games. Golden Road Brewery explained that its “Chief Beer Officer” will be paid $150 per event to attend every Los Angeles Rams home game and promote the brewery’s various products — especially the new […]

The One Chip Challenge is back, packing more heat

You may remember the “One Chip Challenge” from a couple years ago, when the spicy tortilla chip specialists at Paqui pounced on the public’s love of viral challenges, especially spicy ones, and introduced a single chip made with Carolina Reaper Peppers. Those hotties hold the Guinness World Record for the world’s spiciest pepper. Well now […]

Cleaning sucks.. but this playlist gets it done

Nobody really loves to clean their house, but there are some things that may finally motivate folks to pick up a mop or broom and get to tidying up.  A new survey finds that 49% of people say they are most motivated to clean when they are happy, with 65% saying cleaning gives them a […]

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