Monthly Archive for: "June, 2019"

Parents are getting bored and pulling poop pranks

When their offspring finally shows up and hands over the roll, they get smeared with fake poo made from chocolate or peanut butter. Then, of course, the parents upload their reactions to social media for likes. Some start screaming hysterically and warn their other siblings, but others aren’t taking it lying down. In one clip, […]

Instagram launched IG Watch Parties to soothe your self-isolation

Instagram wants to bring friends together during self-isolation due to the coronavirus. The social media site has just introduced a new feature, Co-watching, a sort of Instagram watch party. It basically allows their users to watch videos together with their friends during a video chat. To give people more ways to give back at this […]

Things to keep you busy while you’re stuck at home

When it comes to entertaining yourself while in isolation, the nerds are now the heroes of the world. Here’s a handy guide to Extreme Indoor Activities to keep you amused during your lockdown period. Indoor Boomerangs – You just need two sheets of card stock, a glue stick & scissors! Paper Airplanes – John Collins […]