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These are the 12 worst gifts for secret Santa in the office

Right about now a lot of people are probably struggling to come up with an idea for a gift for their co-worker, and it’s definitely stressful, since getting the wrong gift can at the least be awkward, at worst, possibly get you sent to HR or even fired. A new poll by Fit Small Business […]

Maybe we shouldn’t Christmas shop on our phones?

‘Tis the season for online shopping and lots of it is happening on smartphones. Adobe predicts this will be the first time people buy more from their smartphones than from a computer, with 36% of e-commerce sales expected to be made on a smartphone. While it’s convenient to buy gifts this way, there are some […]

New Trailers dropped!! Wonder Woman and Ghostbusters

For as great as 2019 was for movies (and still is), 2020 is already starting the hype train with these two!! Wonder Woman looks as great as the original (the only good movie from DC in the back half of the decade), and this Ghostbusters is acting like the all female cast film didn’t even […]

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