When the winter months make it cold and crappy outside, it’s easy to get sucked into stay-home mode. That’s even more true if you’re married or in a long-term relationship. However, date night is important and there are still plenty of options out there to keep you moving. Here’s some inspiration to make your winter dating a little less grey.

  • Active – Ice skating and sledding are always classics, but you can also give gym dates and yoga classes a go. Indoor rock climbing is a blast if you’re fit enough, and indoor mini golf and bowling are always pleasers, too. Just don’t let your competitive side take over and ruin the mojo.
  • Alcohol – Wine tastings and brewery tours are a class move, just don’t over do it and end the date in puke mode. Finding a local bar trivia night will let you team up and show the world your true brilliance.
  • Creative – Taking a class together can sometimes release a mutual spark you didn’t know you both shared. Cooking classes are great. You can usually find painting classes that incorporate wine, and they you can bask in the glory of being each other’s creative muses. If the art ends up sucking, though, don’t get critical or you’re in for a long night.
  • In Home – If you must stay indoors, doing something together is a good move. Baking treats followed by game night can be a solid play. Plus, now “Jeopardy” is now streaming on Netflix, so you can pause the television and debate questions and make a fun night out of it.

Remember, boring people get bored…so make some magic happen this winter.

Source: Men’s Health