The new year isn’t letting us down with new music! Last week was a little quiet, this week blew us out of the water! First, Selena finally dropped a full new album for the first time in years, ‘Rare’ (above) is definitely their focus for the next big song, but if you want to hear the full album and understand why she’s been quiet for so long, listen free here. Halsey, is releasing Manic next week, but this week she dropped one last single, tapping into her country roots and calling out of the D-Bags who’ve screwed her over in the past. Khalid, released his newest single yesterday, which is very Khalid-esque, so obviously he nailed it. Mac Miller was the big surprise, just announced yesterday his posthumous album is coming out next week, and today.. a surprise single.

*Note – Videos from Halsey, and Drake & Future are NSFW