When it comes to traveling, there’s no doubt pilots and flight attendants are experts on what to do and not to do. Well, one flight attendant is going viral on TikTok with some of her top hotel hacks, and you’ll be shocked you never thought of them before.

The videos have been viewed over 5 million times, and the tips are certainly something you’ll want to remember next time you get away.

Hotel hacks include:

  • For safety reasons, never say your room number out loud in the lobby or hallways in case there’s someone listening.
  • Also for safety, make sure there’s no one behind you as you enter your room, and check places like behind the curtains and under the bed for anyone who may be hiding in there.
  • Always use the deadbolt on the door.
  • Remove the sheets and inspect the corners of the bed for bedbugs.
  • Don’t use the bed cover or decorative pillows because they are never washed.
  • Keep your luggage off the bed to keep your bed as clean as possible.
  • If there’s no fridge in the room, use the hotel ice bucket to keep food cold.