New Music Friday!!! Last week was a little.. slow.. but this week, the music industry turned everything up with more singles and collabs than we can handle!

The first two you need to know are without a doubt the major collaborations of the week. Marshmello teamed up with Demi Lovato. More than a month ago, he teased this on Instagram, and we’ve just been sitting here patiently waiting. Now it’s here, and “OK To Not Be OK” comes with the same vibes from his collab with Halsey. But this single hits a different note; to understand that it’s okay to ask for help, that you don’t have to tackle this world alone, and if you need to call for help, there are people there for you. David Guetta and Sia also teamed up this week, and they’re obviously feeling the same 80’s synth wave the music industry’s been riding this year. “Let’s Love” is no “Titanium,” but it’s filled with the acceptance and love the world is striving for this year.

Usher tapped back to his POP/R&B roots with “Bad Habits.” Think.. a continuation of 2012 Usher, with a touch of his signature, unbelievable, choreography (reminder: he’s 41). Alicia Keys is back with a new single, this time to open the NFL Season. “Love Looks Better” is another attempt to open the conversation about life in the US, and seeing things from a different perspective. It’s a song to promote inclusivity and love, rather than division and hate when Americans are completely polarized.

Lastly, the final single is another collab, bringing Carly Rae Jepsen back in this duet with mxmtoon. It almost sounds eerie at times, but it’s a chill piece about being alone and focusing on yourself, instead of trying to make something work with someone who’s unworkable. For a couple of bonus tracks, check out: James Blake – Godspeed & John K – Happiness. But hear everything else, up top!!