Charli XCX has won a restraining order against a man who broke into her LA home last week, stripped and took a dip in her hot tub. Security cameras caught the guy visiting her pad twice in a matter of days and when he realized Charli wasn’t in on the second occasion, he broke in, got naked and made himself at home. Footage showed the intruder just strolling through her place. She claims this same guy has sent her hundreds of manic, obsessive and disturbing messages on social media. The protection order requires him to say at least 100 yards away from Charli, her car, her job and her home.

Selena Gomez has declared she is in no rush for love, insisting that men are a lot of work. She made it clear she’s happily single in a recent chat with YouTube personality NikkieTutorial as she promoted her new Rare Beauty Makeup collection. During their chat, Gomez admitted dating is hard in quarantine and just because she wrote a song saying she wants a boyfriend doesn’t mean she’s necessarily looking for love right now. Gomez added guys are a lot of work. Every one of my exes thinks I’m crazy. So, I don’t care.

Marshmello and Demi Lovato dropped their new collab Ok Not to be Ok and it’s music video yesterday. In the clip, both Demi and Marshmello wake up in classic suburban bedrooms. A young ‘Mello rolls around the yard and rides his bike through the neighborhood, while a young version of Lovato trashes her teenage bedroom. The song’s emotional subject matter took on a new meaning, given that the track was released on World Suicide Prevention Day. Marshmello said a lot of people are scared to bring this up but it’s something very important to talk about.

Jennifer Lopez posted a picture with producer Ryan Tedder over the weekend in which she promised that new music is coming soon. The snap doesn’t offer much more details about what the duo are cooking up, but Lopez seems pretty psyched. She wrote can you feel it…new music just around the corner!