Total Fitness, an Indiana-based fitness company that sells supplements, equipment, and offers coaching, is paying $13,000 to candidates who can lose weight in three months with their “Lose Your Lockdown Love Handles” recruitment call. (If you’re interested, enter here)

The four chosen candidates will test four new/popular diet and fitness plans, then they’ll have to document their weight loss journey through video diaries, daily blogs, and social media posts. When you apply, you’ll share your starting weight and body measurements, and submit photographs for proof. You’ll have heavy competition because this opportunity is open to people in the US and UK since both countries have had high cases of weight gain during lockdown, AKA the “Quarantine 15.” As long as all of the requirements are met, US candidates are guaranteed an $8,000 salary and can earn another $5,000 if they hit specific milestones.