New Music Friday!!! Wooowww this week is insane – Last week was great with the number of songs to know, this week is incredible because the quality of the artists is off the charts!

So we’ll start with the big one. Justin Bieber started the year with his first album in a LONG long time, and now with all of the free time because of COVID, he’s been in the studio and dropped a new single with Chance The Rapper. It’s slower than his singles from his comeback album (“Yummy” and “Intentions”), but “Holy” has more emotion, love, and soul to it with a choir in the background, the church piano, and, of course, that blessed verse from Chance.

Sam Smith postponed his 2020 album, we still don’t have a release date, but we’ll take every single he’s willing to give us. “Diamonds” has a similar feel to “How Do You Sleep” with a moderate feeling first verse, but as soon as the chorus hits and the beat drops, it’s time to jam out!! Ava Max FINALLY released her first studio album, Heaven & Hell, this week. The project was years in the making, considering “Sweet But Psycho” came out in 2018, but we have it, you can listen to it free on YouTube, and the top hit from the release is “Naked” which is much less promiscuous than it sounds, has every POP vibe you’d hope for, and adds the 2020s 80’s vibe with some background synth.

We’ve come to realize that Keith Urban is a little more POP than Country nowadays, but when you add P!nk to the mix, it emphasizes that that much more. This is definitely a free spirit, summer feeling, beach vibes single that hits every end of summer note you want in September. Ali Gatie is a name you might not have heard of before, but we know you know Alessia Cara, 2018’s best new artist. This collab starts mellow, adds in a solid beat, but is carried by the soulful sound of their voices.

Listen to everything in the videos up top!