Ever look at your wardrobe and wish you owned more clothing that came pre-stained? Well, now’s your chance, courtesy of Gucci. They’re now selling jeans that come with grass stains on the knees… and they can be yours for just $770.

Part of their grunge-inspired fall/winter 2020 line, these light blue wide-leg jeans are made from organic cotton that’s “specifically treated for a stained-like, distressed effect,” Gucci’s site explains. And if you’re more of an overalls fan, they have you covered there, too. They sell a pair of overalls with the same stains, but you’ll have to shell out $14-hundred for those.

And this isn’t the first time Gucci has come out with new fashions that look used. Last year, the designer label had people talking when they introduced worn-in sneakers that were “treated for an all-over distressed effect.” They described the footwear as “inspired by vintage sportswear” and those sold for nearly a grand at $980 a pair.