New Music Friday!! A week.. that’s kind of difficult to describe in a sentence. The artists are long-time favorites, but there’s no one that people are falling over themselves to hear…. except Zayn, it’s been YEARS since we’ve heard from this man.

So let’s start with him – Zayn, released his first solo single since “Pillowtalk.” Like, we’ve heard from him here and there as a collab with SHAED, R3HAB, and Sia, but this is all him. The new dad kept his ballad roots with “Better,” added a chill beat, and a semi-funky guitar to it to create his perfect comeback to the music scene.

Speaking of Sia, she released “Courage to Change” for the motion picture Music. It starts emotionally with her classic, supreme, vocals, then builds to a passionate chorus, but everything about this song from top to bottom SCREAMS.. Sia. OneRepublic also released a song for a movie, Clouds. “Wild Life” has a serene start, that, for the first minute, transports you to.. peace. Then the beat hits, the synthesizer starts, but their sound continues to keep you captivated.

Bastille¬†leads the final two singles we’re highlighting this week. “Survivin'” isn’t their most groundbreaking song, or their most creative, but the beat is solid, the vocals are there, and if you like anything about these guys, you’ll love this song. And for the final song, you might know Joji, not from the radio, but how he’s taken over the online scene. “The Man” is another peaceful and longing piece, playing with his normal EDM vibe. It’s that song that you play when it’s midnight, you wanna chill, but you want to get down too.

Check it all out above!!