More Lion King is on the way, courtesy of director Barry Jenkins. We’re getting a prequel. The first installment, a remake of the 1994 animated classic, used innovative techniques to create photorealistic animals and African landscapes. You could say it was hit, earned $1.65 billion globally for Disney. Jenkins said having the opportunity to work with Disney on expanding this magnificent tale of friendship, love and legacy is a dream come true.

Lady Gaga may be riding on fresh waves of success thanks to her latest hit album, Chromatica, but those who have paid attention to its lyrics have likely noticed the pain behind the catchy pop songs. Gaga opened up in a new interview about the darkness she’s faced and illustrated in her new music. Lady Gaga said there’s not one song on that record that not’s true. She totally gave up on herself, hated being famous, being a star, felt exhausted and used up. She thought her piano ruined her life too. Made her, that biggest enemy Lady Gaga. After hitting her lowest low, she turned things around. Found a way to love herself and the piano again too.

In an effort to pay it forward, Holy partners Justin Bieber and Chance The Rapper announced they’re donating $250,000 to fans who are struggling during the pandemic. The pair partnered up with Cash App to give away the money to those affected by these hard times. All you have to do is share your story and enter for a chance to win by dropping your $cashtag and use #JBChanceHoly. Bieber said Holy is the start of a new era and has already resulted in some inspiring stories shared by fans, including one who said their house was destroyed by Hurricane Laura.

Although Charlie Puth co-wrote the track See You Again, he almost didn’t end up singing it on the soundtrack to the movie Furious 7 because they said he didn’t fit the profile. They basically straight up told Puth he wasn’t cool enough to be in the project. So he called them up, said he wasn’t going to give them the song and hung up. One week later, he was on the set of the music video. So boom!