A new era of Shawn Mendes is coming which he announced in a new trailer for his upcoming album Wonder. The video finds two swallows, perched on the window sill of his artsy home where Mendes plays a tune on his piano. But a blinding discovery takes him on an adventure to Wonderland. The trailer ends with two dates, today and December 4. His title track Wonder is out now and we get the full album later this December. It can be pre-ordered now. Shawn said this album feels like a piece of him has been written down on paper and recorded into song. He tried to be as real as honest as ever.

Channeling her feelings, Demi Lovato dropped a surprise new song in the wake of ending her engagement to Max. Titled Still Have Me, she released this piano ballad in full via Twitter writing, music is always there for me. This track arrives a few weeks after her new mental health themed dance pop collab with Marshmello, Ok Not to Be Ok.

Back in February, Billie Eilish became the youngest-ever person to record a theme song for a James Bond movie. The song No Time to Die was set to feature in the film of the same name scheduled for release on April 10. Fast forward seven months and a global pandemic later, the song’s music video is finally coming out ahead of the film’s rescheduled November 20 release date. Eilish took to Instagram earlier this week to announce how excited she was for the drop. We got the video yesterday!

John Cena stopped by The Tonight Show on Tuesday as the show’s first in-studio guest since the COVID outbreak and spilled about how big of a BTS fan he is. He said I jam out to them. I love what this band has done. They’re this massively popular thing and have been so globally popular for so long. Cena also loves the band’s overall message of advocating self-love, don’t be afraid of failure and shattering stereotypical difficulties. BTS resonate with people and that definitely includes John Cena.