It’s Amazon Prime Day, are you ready to buy? This annual shopping event usually happens in July, but it was delayed to today and tomorrow this year. This two-day thing is massive and there are tons of deals out there, so it’s easy to get overwhelmed. To help us find the bargains, experts shared tips and tricks for navigating Prime Day like a pro.

    • Budget – Create a list of the things you’re in need of, and how much you have to spend on it. Amazon Prime Day is an easy way to overextend yourself if you’re not disciplined.
    • Be ready for the start and check back often – There’s limited supply of the bargains and while Prime members get advanced notice, if you want one of those big-screen 4K TVs or any electronics, be ready to grab it ASAP before it’s gone.
    • Create a wish list – Then Amazon will let you know if anything on your list ends up a Prime Day deal.
    • Remember Lightning Deals – These are quick, SUPER-limited deals. Once you put one in your cart, you only have 15 minutes to check out.
    • BUT watch your impulses – Shopping with just one click makes impulse buying easy. Take a moment to think about what you’re getting and if you really want it before you make the commitment. Try counting to ten or some other number that makes you feel better about things.
    • Amazon isn’t the only one offering deals – Prime Day is exclusive to Amazon, but their competition wants your money too, so they’re discounting items online to entice you to buy from them. Last year, 200 retailers got in on Prime Day action, so shop around.
    • Black Friday is coming – There are lots of great deals out there but think about if those deals might be even better on Black Friday or after the new year. It’s a gamble, but one worth thinking through.

Of course, Amazon Prime Day is meaningless if you’re not a Prime subscriber. So, it might be worth your time to sign up for the free 30-day trial if you’re interested (just make sure you cancel before it’s over). You’re not? That’s cool – nevermind.