New Music Friday!! I have to say, we’ve been blessed since the summer with solid weeks of new music every week, and this is another one! While we didn’t get the rumored Ariana single ahead of her new album, we did hear from some top artists and some up and comers.

Justin Bieber, by far, is the biggest artist of the week with his second single for his upcoming album. “Lonely” is produced by benny blanco, who also produced “Love Yourself,” and comes even slower and rawer than “Holy.” You can hear the emotion in every note, and the video above just expands on that exponentially.

On the other side, Lauv and Conan Gray’s collab, “Fake,” comes with a bit more bounce. It’s not any more upbeat or happy than Bieber’s single, in fact, it’s more perturbed than sad, of people and their ‘fake-ness.’ And the same can be said for Demi Lovato with her politically-charged single “Commander in Chief,” who seems angry and sad at the state of the union.

The last two singles this week come without videos but are more than worth the listen. Lana Del Rey is also on the softer side with “Love You Like A Woman,” and different from the rest of this week’s drops, this one focuses on love. The Weeknd gets the last nod from us, not with a new single, but another remix to “In Your Eyes.” This time with Kenny G on the sax, and it blows the original out of the water with his added flair and skills.

Listen to it all above!!