AMC is offering to let customers rent out entire theaters for as low as $99. This “Private Movie Showing” program lets up to 20 people have a theater to themselves for a few hours. You’d pick from a list of 34 movies, which includes older releases like Jurassic Park, Hocus Pocus, and Monsters Inc. and new films like The New Mutants and Tenet. Older movies start at $99 (excluding tax), and new movies cost $149.

It can get pricier than that, though. Depending on the movie selection and theater location, AMC’s website said it can cost up to $349 to host a private movie party. Like, AMC will rent you a microphone to address your friends for $100. Customers who want to bring their own food will also be charged a $250 catering fee — but AMC said it won’t allow food that requires a “heating element.” Customers also won’t be able to bring food that the theater already sells. For more info – go here!