New Music Friday!! A BIG week for producers, but what might even be bigger is this week’s top single debuting one week from the album of October.

October was huge for new releases, Beiber with his second single ahead of his next album, Shawn Mendes debuting the title track for his December album, now one week from her next album, Ariana Grande drops “positions.” With a plucky acoustic guitar and a solid beat, this single could definitely fly it’s way up the charts! And with a name like hers behind it, don’t be surprised if you’ll keep hearing it through the holidays.

Then comes a few artist/producer collabs: MarshmelloImanbek (the man behind the “Roses” remix), and Usher team up for “Too Much,” which feels and sounds a lot like Usher of the last decade. A fun dance club hit that makes you want to move every time you hear it. Major Lazer and Alessia Cara teamed up for a POP/EDM hit too, but this “Hell or High Water” comes with some Caribbean summery vibes that somehow fits so perfectly with the soulful sound of Alessia’s voice.

Zedd also released a new single today, and again, with someone lesser-known, Griff. If you’ve listened to Zedd for a while, you’ll notice “Inside Out” has his quintessential sound, the hard-hitting bass, the futuristic sound, and the perfect vocals from someone you may have heard of before. FINNEAS grabbed our last spot this week. Even if he doesn’t shine in the spotlight like his sister does, everything this man touches turns to gold (Just ask Billie Eilish or Ashe’s “Moral of The Story”). “Can’t Wait To Be Dead” almost has a Chris Martin from Coldplay sound; it feels straight from the late 2000s with the acoustic background, but with a 2020 message.

Listen and watch it all above!!