The next dumb trend on TikTok is people supergluing costume vampire fangs to their teeth!! Just like when people started filing their teeth down to make them “straight,” Dentists are calling this dangerous and say it’s not meant for oral use. And if you look on the label, it says it right there in black and white.


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The viral videos — which, using the hashtag #VampireFangs, have 9 million total views — show various, obviously, naive people struggling to remove the fake teeth after using Super Glue, nail glue, and other adhesives. In one shocking clip, someone spent three hours trying to extract the vampire teeth with nail polish remover, almost yanking his teeth out in the process, which is ALSO a bad idea because you could break the tooth, damage the enamel, or just straight tup pull the tooth out. Dentists advise against using nail glue, saying “Don’t use nail glue — it’s poisonous and won’t come off” – Dr. Z. Mackie, a Detroit dental practitioner, cautioned in the TikTok above. For a better, and much safer experience, experts say denture cream is the way to go.