New Music Friday!! There should be new albums coming soon (we’re looking at you Bieber and Billie), but this week, it’s all about new singles!

Starting with the Gen Z Queen, Billie Eilish, with the first single, “Therefore I Am,” from her upcoming album. This single has “you should see me in a crown” mixed with “bury a friend” vibes, but with a little more bounce and pep to it. It’s so hard to try to define any of Billie’s songs because they’re so unique and stand on their own. Our suggestion? Listen to it… wait an hour.. then listen again.. because it just gets better!

This TONES AND I single, “Fly Away” might be our favorite of the week. Her voice is just so dang good, and the emotion behind every note feels so special. Not to mention the constant crescendo throughout the song, ending with, almost, a church choir feeling – claps, synthesizers, and background vocals. Lil Nas X released his first single since his debut album, and it’s for his holiday album of all things!! “Holiday” (NSFW) brings Hip Hop to the season, and honestly, just like “Old Town Road” and “Panini,” it’s catchy as hell, and we could keep it on repeat!

Our last two singles come from artists working their way to the top in their respective categories. FINNEAS dropped “Where The Poison Is,” which, as you can tell, is pretty politically charged. Pair that with the heavy background guitar, steady beat, and his vocals, and it’s an Alternative hit in the making. John K went in a different direction, even from his newest hit “Happiness,” “parachute” is a song all about falling in love and being in love.

One more song, not mentioned above, Anne-MarieProblems.” Besides that? Listen to it all above!!