New Music Fridayyyy!! This week delivered! Two MASSIVE collaborations, then three other singles from some of the biggest names in POP right now? How could you not be happy with this?

First one.. Shawn Mendes and Justin Bieber, showing us the true talent of our Canadian friends, a match made in heaven, and these two nail every second of the three minutes in “Monster.” With a steady beat and a plucky electric guitar, it frames what Shawn does perfectly with his intro and chorus; then Bieber comes in with his quick lyricism and just as killer vocals. This could be a song that takes over for a while!

Miley Cyrus and Dua Lipa hit their 2020 stride in this collaboration, “Prisoner.” Leading with a synthesizer and a beat straight from the ’80s, this has these two written all over it. Miley still maintains one of the best and most unique voices of the decade (not to mention her stardom from the last 15 years), and Dua is one of today’s hottest talents.. Another match made in heaven!! Jason Derulo on the other hand is sticking with his “Savage Love” summery island sound in his newest track “Love Not War.” And consider how popular the former is, it could be a precursor of what the latter could be.

Ava Max pulls from a past song in “My Head & My Heart.” You can hear it in the first two seconds, and it immediately forces you to keep listening! You sit there thinking ‘What is that song? Where do I know it?’ so you continue to listen (here’s the original). It has this 90’s POP feel, but Ava elevates it to a 2020 quality. And last is Sia with “Hey Boy.” Swerving to a funky, soul, maybe even up-tempo bluesy vibe, but perfecting it to the Sia style we’ve loved for a decade.

Listen to it all above!!