Taylor Swift knows All Too Well how much her fans love the heartbreaking Red ballad. Turns out, the five and a half minute song was once double as long. On the Nov. 17 episode of Rolling Stone’s 500 Greatest Albums podcast, Swift shared the origins of All Too Well, the first song she wrote for her 2012 album. She noted that it all began with an ad-libbing session in the studio. Swift said it included the F-word and her sound guy said hey I burned a CD of that thing you were doing in case you want it. She took it home and listened to it and found out it was like 10 minutes long. She ended up cutting down seven extra verses and All Too Well was born. Swifties will have to wait and see if we ever get that 10 minute original version.

All Too Well – YouTube

Fresh off the release of her new single Therefore I Am, Billie catted with Apple Music’s Zane Low about the next chapter in her musical journey. Eilish said she’s her own musical fan. She doesn’t get that some artists can’t listen to their own music. Yes, she does listen to her own music when she’s in the car. It’s not her being egotistical either. She genuinely loves it. You should love what you make. No reveal of a release date for that new album from her just yet, but Billie said she cannot wait for fans to hear what she’s been working on.

(19) billie eilish on Twitter: “Billie Eilish – “Therefore I Am” Out now. https://t.co/2iz0SgqbBt https://t.co/gPK791PdkA” / Twitter

Sam Smith just can’t help getting into a holiday mood on their surprise Christmas single The Lighthouse Keeper. The kind of blue ballad written by Smith is a throwback to a Bing Crosby-style of holiday song, with an emotional story at its center about a long-south reunion at Christmastime. Smith tweeted I know it’s November but I can’t help but feel Christmassy already and so I’m beyond excited to share my new song. The instant new holiday classic opens with an image of a lover sailing across a wide sea in search of a beacon to guide them home. If any year could make you look forward to the sounds of Christmas, it’s 2020. Give it a listen:

Sam Smith – The Lighthouse Keeper (Animated Video) – YouTube

Deck the howls with boughs of holly! Dog food company Tails.com is getting into the festive spirit by unveiling Raise the Woof! The first ever Christmas song made just for dogs. The two minute bop’s music video features adorable pups and is based on positive sounds for dogs, including squeaky toys, bells and commands. Tails.com made the track after studying a focus group of 25 dogs, who were played more than 500 sounds and analyzed for their responses.