When the world shut down due to the pandemic, the music industry was put on pause. Thankfully, Shawn Mendes found a way to use his free time to be creative and thus making a whole album. Mendes said isolation and quarantine has been scary but the beautiful thing to come out of it was stillness. I know it all sounds really silly but when you’ve been touring the world since you were 15, I don’t remember the last time I smelled laundry. It’s nice. Mendes worked through anxiety and used this reflective period and thus, Wonder was born. His new project drops on December 4.

Billie Eilish has revealed the nightmare fuel behind her hit Everything I Wanted. Eilish said she had a dream one night in which she jumped from a building to her death. The whole dream was her watching how everything went after she’d died from the breaking news on the media, interviews of her so called friends saying they never liked her, just these really dark thoughts put into a horrible reality. The scary thoughts stayed with her all through the next day, so her and brother Finneas say down and worked it out by spinning it into a single. Thus, Everything I Wanted was born.

(19) billie eilish on Twitter: “Listen to Billie and @FINNEAS explain how they made “everything i wanted” on the @SongExploder podcast. https://t.co/g5VX4Iy0bc https://t.co/fU06MtMd8R” / Twitter

BTS has shared a new version of its music video for Life Goes On. The group shared the official video for Life Goes On, the lead single from their latest album, BE. The clip takes fans through a sentimental visual journey, where the boy band grapples with the COVID-19 pandemic taking away its live shows. The new version of Life Goes On dubbed on my pillow stretches a scene from the original clip cozying up with each other, lounging around in their pjs. They wanted to express sadness and longing that was felt because of their tour being cancelled due to ‘rona especially cuz they couldn’t see the ARMY much.

Four years after performing together at an LA concert, Elton John and Shawn Mendes are back together—this time to chat about music, love and just about everything in between. For the new cover of VMan Magazine, Mendes was interviewed by the legend about his upcoming album Wonder, his career so far and how Camila Cabello has become a very calming presence in his life. Shawn said Camila is all about family and friends and it really made him process his choices, make him call his Mom more. He opened up said he felt a little bit alone out there and Cabello changed that for him. Check out the full interview here.