Taylor Swift is giving fans a deeper look into her songwriting process in an interview with Zane Lowe. She celebrated her 31st birthday on Sunday and recently released her second surprise album of 2020, Evermore on Friday. Swift says her world felt opened up creatively following the release of July’s Folklore. Taylor discussed how her personal approach to songwriting was beginning to feel unsustainable as if her life was constantly under a microscope. Her ability to create characters helped open up new songwriting avenues and it was a breakthrough moment of excitement and happiness.

Yes, Taylor Swift celebrated a birthday this past weekend but she was the one giving out the gifts. She released a new remix of her latest single Willow. She wrote on social media not be all ‘it’s my birthday and I just wanna dance’ but…it is and I do, along with a link to the song off her new album. You can give Willow (Dancing Witch Version) Remix a listen:

(19) Taylor Swift on Twitter: “Not to be all ‘iTs mY BiRtHdAY & I jUsT wAnNa DaNcE’ but… it is and I do. So here’s the willow dancing witch version, remixed by Elvira, a bad ass female producer I really respect 💪💃 https://t.co/RoTpC5w2de https://t.co/NkrTlqbSqZ” / Twitter

If it’s meant to be, it will be. Was Evermore single Willow already on Taylor Swift’s mind nearly 10 years ago? On Saturday, a fan of Swift’s with a sharp eye found the world Willow was featured in the music video for Mean circa 2011. The song was on Swift’s Speak Now album, released a decade ago. This finding shows up on Swift’s feed of tweets she’s liked, with a trail of stunned fans in the comments section. Most amazed, other stunned and some just confused.

(19) ~ Ruby ~ on Twitter: “No words https://t.co/46KU7whxSv” / Twitter

Fans around the world spent the weekend basking in Taylor Swift’s latest surprise album, Evermore. Turns out one of those people was fellow singer Halsey. Halsey sent a special thank you to Swift for spending her quarantine writing and releasing new music for fans to enjoy. She said I just love Taylor for committing to bringing so much magic to a time in which she knows so many of her fans may be suffering. This is the least profitable era of music we’ve lived to see and she’s working very hard because it makes people happy. That’s really something. Swift took notice of Halsey’s note and thanked her back.

(19) Taylor Swift on Twitter: “@halsey Me reading this tweet, ilysm https://t.co/0KcoeXd7rV” / Twitter