Dua Lipa has dismissed rumors she’s pregnant after sparking speculation by posting a baby bottle emoji in one of her tweets. She shared a picture of herself on vacation on her socials, alongside a caption that featured the emojis including a baby bottle, teddy bear and angel. Fans were quick to jump to the conclusion that she and boyfriend were expecting their first child but Dua shot down the reports on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Dua Lipa said she simply likes finding little random emojis that’s all. She’s not preggers.

Zayn Malik sparks concern among his fans by drinking beer and smoking during a 6AM livestream session. Zayn and girlfriend Gigi welcomed a daughter back in September. Zayn went live on Insta in the early hours of the morning, telling fans he was listening to tracks from his new album. As he was singing along to the tunes, Zayn swigged from a bottle of beer, ate some pizza and smoked what looked like a joint. The fact that it was 6AM and he’s got a baby in the house has fans rightfully a bit concerned.

(19) MTV on Twitter: “If you need me, I’ll be spending this entire day processing the masterpiece that is @zaynmalik’s album, #NobodyIsListening. What are your favorite tracks so far?? https://t.co/lEXt9P5XDz” / Twitter

Sam Smith only released their latest record Love Goes in October but Sam is already hard at work in the follow-up. His longtime songwriting partner Jimmy Napes said in a recent podcast, we wrote a song just the other day and it’s one of my favorite things we’ve ever done. Continuing to just do this and it still feels like the first time, that’s pretty special. While he’s super excited about this new song, Jimmy admitted Smith could sing the phone book and it would sound amazing and yep we agree!

James Arthur says everyone has a responsibility to speak up when they are suffering with their mental health. Arthur struggles with anxiety and depression and has been having Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in lockdown. He really struggled after being on The X Factor back in 2012, didn’t seek out help or tell anyone for three or four years after the show. Since then he’s become an ambassador for the mental health charity, SANE and he’s encouraging others to speak up. Reach out, ask for help, it’s ok and you won’t regret it.